Oral Histories

The MBLWHOI Library Oral History Project began in 1998 to capture the recollections and personal insights of the scientists and staff of Woods Hole scientific institutions.

The project endeavors to include the entire spectrum of the Woods Hole scientific community, including administrators, support staff, ships' crew, engineers, scientists, and others. Oral history conversations center on early marine research, scientific projects, technology and field work, and how each individual came to the Woods Hole scientific community. The WHOI Data Library and Archives is the repository for audio and videotape recordings of the oral history discussions as well as the printed transcriptions.

Much of this material is available for public use.

Oral History: Arnold Arons

interview subject: name: Arnold Arons institutions: WHOI positions: Scientist && Trustee years of service: 1942-01-01/2001-01-01
interviewer: name: Phil Richardson
interviewer: name: Robert Beardsley
interviewer: name: Frank Taylor
interview dates: 1996-10-15 && 1996-10-16 && 1999-10-13 && 2000-01-12

Oral History: Thomas Aldrich

notes: USGS Oral History Project
interview subject: name: Thomas Aldrich institutions: WHOI && USGS - Woods Hole positions: Research Associate years of service: 1963-01-01/1975-01-01 && 1976-01-01/2003-01-01
interviewer: name: Frank Taylor
interview dates: 2005-03-30 && 2005-06-27